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SCETA is proud to be a host of numerous informational workshops for all interested students. We value the hands-on development of important skills as future engineers, and we do our best to facilitate Cal Poly Pomona's "Learn by Doing" motto.


SCETA participates in company & industry tours to explore in-depth the vast opportunities within the technological world around us. Our main tour is traveling to the Consumer Electronics Show every year. However, we do our best to provide as many diverse tours as we can, such as Boeing, Goldstone, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory just to name a few from the past years.


Part of our essentials is professional networking through industry sessions and maintaining strong alumni connections, and this is where our socials come into play. This is an amazing opportunity to not only relax, but to also network with other members that you may not have even met before, engage with our leadership, and most importantly, feel a part of our organization itself.

Guest Speakers

Listening to guest speakers is another key part of our organization that we strongly encourage you to do to help create a successful career here at Cal Poly Pomona. This provides you the opportunity to not only hear from an industry professional but to also network with them as well. SCETA does its best to bring guest speakers to its meetings, but Cal Poly Pomona itself is known to bring in some very prestigious and well-known members of industry as well.


Besides the key essentials of our organization, we highly encourage you to participate in the diverse events that we, other organizations, or even both host around you. As part of our mission to aid our members in becoming holistic engineers, participating in these variety of events will help you become a well-rounded engineer and key member to society as well. One of our most popular activities is the GRID Alternatives Solar Spring Break, during which both members and non-members alike from the Cal Poly Pomona campus volunteer their time to help install solar panels for low-income families while also gaining a priceless experience and exposure to the quickly-growing solar industry.

Cal Poly Pomona Events

In a continued effort to make the SCETA website a central resource of information, key events for Cal Poly Pomona, such as registration & tuition deadlines, will be posted here for the convenience of our student members.


Below are the online forms to sign up for all the events shown above. Some key points of information will be presented above as well as within the online forms, but please be sure to stay tuned for e-mail updates as your desired event draws near.


If you are interested in participating in an event, it is important to confirm your registration. Below is a list of the upcoming events and its registered participants. If you are confident that you have registered for an event but do not see your name listed below, then please contact our webmaster at

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