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Store Policy

Parts sales are conducted at the SCETA office (Building 9, Room 257), but be quick for many parts are becoming rarer and may soon be out-of-stock permanently.

While shopping for your electronics supplies here at SCETA, please keep in mind the following:

  • Discounts are available with a SCETA membership.
  • All sales are final, which means no refunds or returns will be provided.
  • All prices are subject to change.

Hours & Contact Information

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Kits, Cables & Other Components

Part Name Description Member Price Regular Price Status
Large Breadboard KitWB-1082530
Arduino UnoATmega3282030
Arduino MegaATmega12803545
Resistor Pack (610)K/RES-E121315
Jumper WiresQty. 5067
Alligator - Banana (2-Pack)21-119045
Banana - Banana (2-Pack)21-223545
Alligator - Alligator (10-Pack)16050-TE45
BNC - Alligator (1-Pack)2160545
BNC - BNC (1-Pack)205-527BK45
Banana - Alligator Adapter (1-Pack)12
BNC T-Adapters (1-Pack)12
LEDs (Red/Green)Qty. 411
8-Position DIP Switch11
NPN Transistor2N390411
PNP Transistor2N390611

TTL Chips/ICs

Part Name Description Member Price Regular Price Status
Quad 2-Input NAND7400
Quad 2-Input OR7402
HEX Inverter7404
Quad AND7408
Triple 3-Input NAND7410
Schmitt Trigger Inverter7414
Dual 4-Input NAND7420
Dual 4-Input NOR7427
8-Input NAND7430
Quad 2-Input OR7432
Decoder Driver7447
Dual J-K Flip-Flop w/ Clear7473
Dual D Flip-Flop7474
Dual J-K Flip-Flop w/ Preset7476
4-Bit Binary Full Adder7483
4-Bit Magnitude Comparator7485
Quad 2-Input XOR7486
64-Bit RAM7489
Decade Counter7490
Dual J-K Flip-Flop w/ Preset & Clear74112
Quad Bus Buffer Gate (3-State Out)74125
Quad Bus Buffer Gate (3-State Out)74126
Schottky (Decoder)74138
Dual 1-4 Decoder74139
8-3 Line Priority Encoder74148
Data Selector / Multiplexer74151
Dual 4-1 Multiplexer74153
16-Bit Binary Counter w/ Preset74163
8-Bit Serial Shift Register74164
4-Bit ALU74181
4-Bit Binary Counter74193
4-Bit PIPO Shift Register74194
Quad 2-Multiplexer74257
4-Bit Binary Adder74283
Triple CMOSCD4007
LED DriverLM3914
Transistor ArrayLM3086
Quad ComparatorLM339N
Single Op-AmpLM741